About Us

Our company's journey began in July 2018, transforming from a basic exchange platform into a sophisticated system that operates seamlessly. We have revolutionized the way people view and use cryptocurrencies by introducing numerous innovative and helpful technologies. These technologies safeguard your assets and enable you to invest with maximum benefits. We were the first to develop a system that allows instant buying, selling, and transferring of funds within our exchange without waiting for blockchain confirmations. This, along with other features, makes trading on our platform efficient, user-friendly, and profitable. Upon depositing funds, they are stored in a permanent wallet regardless of any subsequent transactions. These funds are allocated to you within our internal system, eliminating the need for blockchain network commissions during transfers, trading, and other transactions. We are passionate about cryptocurrencies and believe they will reshape the global financial landscape, eventually becoming the primary currency. We are confident that cryptocurrencies will persist in growing and evolving, which is why we encourage investing in them now. Even the smallest investment can have a significant impact on the world.

Our CEO's Story

Our CEO, Xu Jian, a visionary in the fintech domain, fundamentally transformed the world of cryptocurrency through the establishment of our esteemed crypto exchange. His ingenuity has been pivotal in driving a paradigm shift in the industry, embodying professionalism and unparalleled expertise at its finest.

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May 2016

Our developer was really interested in cryptocurrencies. At this time, he realized, that he wants to create the best platform for trading and cryptocurrency storage.

June 2016

Developer started collecting the team to make his vision come true.

August 2016

Developer with his friends started their huge work in creating platform.

July 2017

The Gexchain Exchange was officially registered as a platform for trading and storage of cryptocurrency.

March 2018

Gexchain codes section has been created.

December 2018

A verification procedure was introduced.

January 2019

Binary options have been added to the trading section.

Our office located in Australia